Take Flight - A Soaring Italian Cashmere Scarf Collection

July 18, 2014

After a summer full of highs, who says you have to come down from the sky?

Terracotta New York introduces Take Flight, the newest cashmere-blend scarf collection coming this fall. Filled with creatures that fly, this collection boasts flamingos, hummingbirds, owls and those pesky, but elegant insect, flies. This is Terracotta's first cashmere-blend collection, and it is packed with new prints, colors and eyelash fringe to finish the edge!

Introducing Terracotta's Take Flight Cashmere Scarf Collection for Fall Winter

Terracotta New York expanded their wings, well the scarves, and they are longer before. Each scarf measures at 140cm x 140cm square and gives you more space to twist, wrap and mold to your body. However, don’t fold your scarf too much or you’ll miss the tiny surprise. You must look really close and examine each creature because within each print you may find a cracked egg in the flamingo scarf and a flower in the hummingbird scarf.  If you blink, you’ll miss double the surprise in the owl scarf (hint: this object rotates around Earth).

Stay tuned to glide through summer with us as we usher in Take Flight, the fall/winter 2014 cashmere collection!

Color Coordination Made Simple!

June 26, 2014

Summer is always a busy time of the year for the team here at Terracotta. Between sketching away a brand-new collection, gearing up for tradeshows, keeping up with meetings & photoshoots and FINALLY sneaking away for that long over-due vacation, leaving enough time in the morning to perfectly color-coordinate an outfit can quickly drop to the bottom of our to-do list.  

When we came across the following quote, we couldn't help but having a chuckle! We have all been there - each one of us a serious offender of the "All Black Every Day" look once upon a time, and we LOVED every minute of it!  

I will stop wearing black when they invent a darker color

Since launching Terracotta, we've been gradually making a conscious effort to break away from our habitual monochrome ensembles. In experimenting with color combinations in graphics and design, we certainly picked up a few tips along the way. Our favorite? Match before you clash, and always start with the piece that has the most colors!

Take the Selby Sea Turtle Silk Scarf in Pebble Gray for example. The scarf's soft gray and pale yellow effortlessly blend together to give a subtle hint of color. We styled this scarf with a pair of dark gray high-waist trousers from Bottega Veneta (a go-to pair in our closet when we try to look beyond the black pants).  Roll up the bottom cuffs for a more casual look!  To neatly tuck in a blouse, we also always opt for a bodysuit version like this one from Sisley.  Notice how the dark gray pants and bright yellow blouse are simply variations in shade of the same colors!

Terracotta Scarf Tutorial - Color Coordination

To style the head-scarf, start by folding a square silk scarf diagonally into a triangle. Place the hypotenuse edge of the scarf on top of your head, bringing the two flowing ends to the back towards the nape of your neck. Secure the ends with a simple double knot. To make sure the scarf stays in place, a few bobby pins along the hairline will certainly do the trick! 

Terracotta Scarf Tutorial - Color Coordination 2nd image

Remember, when summer days get hot and humid, a head scarf is a great way to showcase your accessory with the added benefit of controlling that persistent hair frizz. All the while, looking effortlessly stylish whether you're out to brunch, working in the garden, or BBQ-ing in the backyard! Definitely give this look a try if you haven't - all newcomers are welcome!

This Scarf Wrap Bun Ought to be Your Go-To Summer 'Do!

June 19, 2014

It could be the glorious sunshine, the pristine sand, the crystal blue waves, or the cool ocean breeze. Or maybe it's really the combination of them all that makes the beach a perfect playground to display an universal love of color for all its vibrance and vitality!

Colorful Beach Chairs

This week we took the "Oakley" Octopus Silk Scarf in Cotton Candy to the beach to give our fragile locks a colorful cover-up. While the light-weight silk adds movement and dimension as it sways to the cool ocean breeze, the delicate fabric also offers a protective layer for your hair from the damaging UV rays. With your hair neatly and safely tucked away, you also never have to worry about a stray hair ruining a perfect beach portrait!       

Silk scarf on the beach styled with a sockbun by Terracotta New York

To create the look, we opted for a messy sockbun which is perfect for a relaxing day at the beach. Remember to tease your hair for added volume. For a fuller look, use a few clip-in hair extensions or one of those brilliant sock bun sponges which also helps ensure the bun holds its shape. Simply roll up your scarf and wrap it around the sockbun based on how much hair you would like to cover. Bring the two short ends to the bottom of the sock bun and tie a double knot to hold it in place. Finally, you can tuck the two ends underneath the scarf or even use a couple of hair pins to secure it. It really doesn't get easier than than that!

Silk scarf on the beach styled with a sockbun by Terracotta New York

As much as we love to showcase the blue on pink octopuses from our ocean-themed Hamptons Collection, go big with the sockbun and snuggly wrap the scarf to achieve a perfectly balanced look! Happy Friday!!

Top Off Your Look with a Wide-Brim Hat!

June 12, 2014

When it comes to hats, the wide-brim reigns with all its glamour and mystique.  A must-have tradition at derbies, weddings and tea parties around the world, wide-brimmed hats are synonymous with elegance and style.  In fact, these hats are held in such high-esteem that the fashion world has yet to agree on whether you should pick the dress to match the hat, or vice versa!

classic wide-brimmed hats

While many formal occasions call for elaborate decorations using flowers and feathers, ribbons and silk scarves can also be used to express creativity and individuality in more subtle ways.  

Here's a look at how we styled our "Bijou" Silk Scarf in Lemonade to add some retro flare to a monochrome ensemble!  In case you need a quick refresher, a detailed How to Tie a Silk Scarf Bow tutorial is also featured in our previous post. 

Top Off Your Look with a Wide-Brim Hat! Styled with Bijou Silk Scarf in Lemonade by Terracotta New York

Silk Scarf Bijou Lemonade styled with hat Lifestyle photo 2

Oh!  Did we mention that wide-brimmed hats also double as lifesavers by the pool or on the beach?  Recent studies found that, contrary to popular belief, UV protections only "delay the onset of melanoma".  You can never add too many layers between your precious skin and the stingy sun!  Full article from Refinery29 available here

Enjoy, and stay tuned for other summer scarf styling tips next week! Happy Friday! 

Terracotta Tutorials - The Scarf Belt Featuring "Sable" Starfish Scarf in Creamsicle

May 22, 2014

"One swimwear truism not to be ignored: The cover-up is just as important as the suit. Take the tunic — it’s incredibly chic in an undone, bohemian sort of way. Plus, it looks equally good off the beach as on."  We couldn't agree more, Tory Burch.

Whether you’re basking in sunshine on the white sands of Capri, lounging on the black rocky beach of Nice, tiptoeing in the cool water off the coast of Cape Town, or simply relaxing by the pool at your summer go-to spot, an airy cover-up is always a must-have! 

When you’re not strutting your hard-earned bikini body on the beach or by the pool, a perfect cover-up leaves just the right amount to the imagination.  But as we all can relate, finding that perfect transition cover-up can prove to be a daunting task.  Which is why we want to show you how easy it is to work with and transform what you may already have in your closet.  Here, we've given our otherwise unstructured Sisley beach top a brand new look and feel by repurposing our “Sable” Starfish Silk Scarf in Creamisicle as a kimono-style belt.  The light-weight silk scarf adds the perfect pop of color without adding any bulk.  

The Scarf Belt Featuring Sable Creamsicle Silk Scarf by Terracotta

Silk Scarf How to tie a scarf belt

Here’s a detailed look on how to tie a silk scarf into a scarf belt:
Terracotta Scarf Tutorials on how to tie a scarf belt

With a silk scarf belt, you can now effortlessly show off your curves on AND off the beach.  Not only do you have the perfectly appropriate brunch attire for that fancy beachside hotspot, you’ll also be able to leap off the terrace onto the beach and be bikini-ready within seconds!!  

Still looking for that perfect cover-up?  Check out Skinny Bikini's collection of chic kaftans.   Parosol also specializes in sun protective resortwear made from fabrics that are UPF50+.  

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