Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Personality Plus

Chocolate, flowers and teddy bears are the usual indicator for standard Valentine's Day gifts. Jewelry is never a bad thing to receive either, but it can be hard to style with your everyday outfit if it's too extravagant.

How about this year, you take a different approach to choosing a gift? Gifts from the heart and match her style will surely be something she loves and covets. Use our personality guide to find the perfect accessory for her.



She’s the world traveler, loves different cultures and trying new foods and activities. She’s conversational and loves learning new things about this world. The perfect piece for her is a scarf from the Landmark Collection. She can represent what she loves and it travels well when she visits these destinations.

This girl is adventurous, fun-loving and a free-spirit. She embodies the outdoors and loves when the sun radiates through her skin. Style is key to everything she does, and likes it to coincide with her daily routines. Any scarf from our Hamptons Collection will update her beach look and match her radiant personality. While she may love to wear as little as possible in the summer, these scarves take many forms and add extra detail to any outfit.

She is the sweetest, most caring person and looks out for everyone. Basically the mom of the group, but in a good way! She’s always there to help with your problems and gives you all the attention. Any time you hang with her, it feels like a one-on-one date. Her extra encouragement makes you fearless, when your completely scared. Her advice guides you towards the right decision. No matter what, you can talk to her about anything and she’ll be there to listen. 


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