Resolutions Got You Down?

It’s the fourth day in 2016 and the most difficult thing is to begin your resolutions. Setting and attaining goals are two different acts that work simultaneously to be achieved. Surprisingly, only eight percent of Americans actually achieve their New Year’s resolutions, while another 80% of Americans don’t set goals for themselves at all. Some reasons why people fail is the goal isn’t tangible, a fear of failure, lack of commitment, over-analyzing and lack of understanding the goal-setting process.

What many of us don’t realize is it’s a lifestyle change. Mind over matter-the law of attraction. If you can see it, you can believe it. You can’t only change one aspect of your life, but every area that is affected by your goal. But don’t worry! We wouldn’t leave you helpless without ways to reach your accomplishments. Here are three ways to manage your goals with your daily schedule and to hold yourself accountable. Dedicate yourself and make it last! There are 360 days left to reach your goals and more.

Visions Boards

For some, looking to the future is motivation to get there. Vision boards allow the user to have a daily reminder of what they want to achieve. It’s a visually stimulating option that can represent short term goals (six months to two years) or long term (5-10 years out). They are simple to make and are a fun project to do with friends, family, children or your co-workers. Skim through magazines, newspapers and the Internet for images and phrases that represent the lifestyle you want. If you’re in line for a promotion, use business-oriented photos for motivation. Are you dying to take that tropical vacay you’ve always wanted? Print photos of beaches, planes and activities you want to complete. This will help budget and save for your adventure. Lastly, place the board in a visible place so you’re reminded every day of your aspirations. (Don’t keep it in your closet unless you aspire to add more shoes to the collection!)

Keeping a Journal

Logging events in a journal is therapeutic as much as it helps you stay on task. It’s a way for you to have a conversation with yourself (without sounding crazy) and to dissect what’s working and what’s not. You can celebrate the awesome results along your journey, as well as, identify the lows and how to correct those results. The best part about maintaining a journal is it will always be there to reflect on past experiences. Flip the page to a good day that continues your motivation. Or read about the time you had those stubborn five pounds left, but solved how to beat the hurdle. It’s a good way to vent when no one wants to listen. Plus,you won’t need a buddy to hold you to this journey. It’s always nice to have someone to go through this, but they can be the first person to hold you back from your goals.

There’s an App for That

Digital is the new human. What made life revolve years ago is easily controlled now from a smartphone or tablet application. There are many apps on the market that help control your life and assist in making the necessary changes. 

  • Lark is your go-to personal nutritionist and motivator. She analyzes your meals and basically tells you where you can cut the fat and calories. You can message instantly with Lark and she'll provide suggestions on how you can change your diet. 
  • Robinhood kind of sounds like a crowd-souring app, but has more layers to it than that. This app allows users to invest their money for free without having to pay upfront charges other companies require. Robinhood provides an environment for users to learn the tools of investing without putting their savings on the line.
  • Pomodoro Timer can helps us all be more productive. Ever find yourself scrolling through hours of social media content? Or watching the news instead of finishing a work report? Pomodoro Timer helps you schedule your day into work times and break times. The app provides short breaks to step back from productivity and reminds you when to come back. If you successfully make it through several rounds, you are rewarded with longer bonus breaks for your pleasure.  

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