Building Blocks of Menswear: Watches

As it goes in the real world, if you're early you're on time, if you're on time you're late and you don't want to know what it means to be late. Time is an essential element to everyone's life because all activities are constructed based on when you're available. Schedules, soccer practices and dinner are some of the things that is guided by time. Now the simplest invention to fix these time-related issues are watches! This underrated accessory managed to get Cinderella home in time from the ball, but what has it accomplished in fashion? 

Time-keeping inventions began during early civilizations. Agriculture growers would determine time based on the movement of celestial bodies dependent of planting and harvest seasons. As the years went by, telling time advanced to sundials. Greeks, Romans and Chinese have used different variations of the sundial, but it was the Ancient Egyptians who advanced the use if the sundial. Through the use of this invention, the Egyptians figured out a summer and winter solstice, separation of days and breaking down days into hours.

The next breakthrough was mechanical clocks on towers, churches and other important buildings. Created in England in 1275, these large clocks displayed time in roman numerals and were used in public areas for pedestrians to view time. Over the years, striking on the hour, clocks that mark the sunrise, track hours and days of the month advanced time into the pocket watch. Pocket watches were more convenient than mechanical clock towers, and went everywhere with someone. The inventor of the first pocket watch is still unknown, but watches have morphed from chains to wristbands. Along the way, watches evolved from analog, digital, a stopwatch and an alarm clock.

Nowadays, accessorizing an outfit with a watch makes a complete fashion statement. The functionality of a watch has changed from only telling time to enhancing someone's style. In the past, women's watches were characterized by a small clock and skinny wristband. However, trendsetters have crossed over and began wearing men's style wristwatch. Large clock with a thick wristband look proportional on a man's wrist, yet are extremely oversized on a female. Recently, women loved over-sized accessories such as, handbags, watches and engagement rings, so it's no surprise that watches fit into this category. Especially since watches come in different colors, styles and sizes there's one for every occasion.

women's accessories: Watches, there is one for every occasion.


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