Building Blocks of Menswear: Wallets

That small, disorganized leather contraption carries every detail of a man’s life. It’s the equivalent to a woman’s purse with less extravagant details that we, as women, love and enjoy. The simplicity and basic need of the wallet is appealing to men because it simply holds money.

Once paper money came into existence in the 1600s, merchants and buyers needed an item that would store their money. Wallets contained a large, open space and multiple card slots that colonists used to store “calling cards”, or their identification. By the 1800s, wallets were popularly used in Europe and the United States. With the increase of its popularity, another prominent issue was pick-pocketers. As a result, chains were used to keep wallets close to the owner and they would feel if someone was tugging away.

Now wallets have transformed from simple men’s necessity to all around accessory. They are used by both men and women and come in all shapes and sizes. Since women have taken to the fashionable staple, wallets have evolved into hard cases, flat cases, long, studded and other accessorized fashions. Wallets secretly hold the personality of the owner. They can be as funky and outlandish as you want, but no one will know because they are hidden in your pocket or purse. Wallets have helped men stay organized, while women added more spunk to their outfits. This beloved accessory will never go far from fashion and will always be reinvented.

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Source: Ball and Buck, Wallet History

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