Terracotta New York's Holiday Gift Guide

Don’t know what to get the lovely ladies in your life for the Holidays? Well here’s a little help!

Silk Scarves by Terracotta New York featured in Holiday Gift Guide

1. When buying a gift for your mother or grandmother you must keep two things in mind at all time, Personality and Sophistication. The traditional pattern of The Charlie along with the great colors of pink and graphite would not only compliment almost every outfit but also reciprocate the gratitude you have towards these women.

2. Taking a step in another direction, The Paris, coming in a variety of colors from blue and yellow to purple and red, would be a perfect addition to any aunt’s ensemble. Decorated with detailed watches, this scarf would add a pleasant touch to any accoutrement.

3. The Skylar, in either relaxed pigments or the eye-catching gray and neon, would be the talk among all cousins at the next family gathering. The skeleton key embellished scarf will not only keep your cherished cousins warm but also add a little subtle edge to their style.

4. Show appreciation of your other half this holiday with The Peyton. The striped design accompanied by the red or charcoal poppy flowered adornment not only displays charisma but also allows your dear sister an extravagance she is well deserving of.

When gift giving the universal rule of offering is consistently kept in mind; it is the thought that counts. Each of Terracotta New York’s scarves reaches above and beyond such rule, having a woman’s personal style in mentality, resulting in not only a successful holiday but also a successful wardrobe. Happy Holidays to all, ‘Tis the season!

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    This was extremely helpful! Love the scarves.

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