Terracotta Tutorials - The Scarf Belt Featuring "Sable" Starfish Scarf in Creamsicle

"One swimwear truism not to be ignored: The cover-up is just as important as the suit. Take the tunic — it’s incredibly chic in an undone, bohemian sort of way. Plus, it looks equally good off the beach as on."  We couldn't agree more, Tory Burch.

Whether you’re basking in sunshine on the white sands of Capri, lounging on the black rocky beach of Nice, tiptoeing in the cool water off the coast of Cape Town, or simply relaxing by the pool at your summer go-to spot, an airy cover-up is always a must-have! 

When you’re not strutting your hard-earned bikini body on the beach or by the pool, a perfect cover-up leaves just the right amount to the imagination.  But as we all can relate, finding that perfect transition cover-up can prove to be a daunting task.  Which is why we want to show you how easy it is to work with and transform what you may already have in your closet.  Here, we've given our otherwise unstructured Sisley beach top a brand new look and feel by repurposing our “Sable” Starfish Silk Scarf in Creamisicle as a kimono-style belt.  The light-weight silk scarf adds the perfect pop of color without adding any bulk.  

The Scarf Belt Featuring Sable Creamsicle Silk Scarf by Terracotta

Silk Scarf How to tie a scarf belt

Here’s a detailed look on how to tie a silk scarf into a scarf belt:
Terracotta Scarf Tutorials on how to tie a scarf belt

With a silk scarf belt, you can now effortlessly show off your curves on AND off the beach.  Not only do you have the perfectly appropriate brunch attire for that fancy beachside hotspot, you’ll also be able to leap off the terrace onto the beach and be bikini-ready within seconds!!  

Still looking for that perfect cover-up?  Check out Skinny Bikini's collection of chic kaftans.   Parosol also specializes in sun protective resortwear made from fabrics that are UPF50+.  

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