This Scarf Wrap Bun Ought to be Your Go-To Summer 'Do!

It could be the glorious sunshine, the pristine sand, the crystal blue waves, or the cool ocean breeze. Or maybe it's really the combination of them all that makes the beach a perfect playground to display an universal love of color for all its vibrance and vitality!

Colorful Beach Chairs

This week we took the "Oakley" Octopus Silk Scarf in Cotton Candy to the beach to give our fragile locks a colorful cover-up. While the light-weight silk adds movement and dimension as it sways to the cool ocean breeze, the delicate fabric also offers a protective layer for your hair from the damaging UV rays. With your hair neatly and safely tucked away, you also never have to worry about a stray hair ruining a perfect beach portrait!       

Silk scarf on the beach styled with a sockbun by Terracotta New York

To create the look, we opted for a messy sockbun which is perfect for a relaxing day at the beach. Remember to tease your hair for added volume. For a fuller look, use a few clip-in hair extensions or one of those brilliant sock bun sponges which also helps ensure the bun holds its shape. Simply roll up your scarf and wrap it around the sockbun based on how much hair you would like to cover. Bring the two short ends to the bottom of the sock bun and tie a double knot to hold it in place. Finally, you can tuck the two ends underneath the scarf or even use a couple of hair pins to secure it. It really doesn't get easier than than that!

Silk scarf on the beach styled with a sockbun by Terracotta New York

As much as we love to showcase the blue on pink octopuses from our ocean-themed Hamptons Collection, go big with the sockbun and snuggly wrap the scarf to achieve a perfectly balanced look! Happy Friday!!

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  • Vanessa

    Love how you incorporated the scarf for a day at the beach! I’m going to try that this weekend XO

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