Color Coordination Made Simple!

Summer is always a busy time of the year for the team here at Terracotta. Between sketching away a brand-new collection, gearing up for tradeshows, keeping up with meetings & photoshoots and FINALLY sneaking away for that long over-due vacation, leaving enough time in the morning to perfectly color-coordinate an outfit can quickly drop to the bottom of our to-do list.  

When we came across the following quote, we couldn't help but having a chuckle! We have all been there - each one of us a serious offender of the "All Black Every Day" look once upon a time, and we LOVED every minute of it!  

I will stop wearing black when they invent a darker color

Since launching Terracotta, we've been gradually making a conscious effort to break away from our habitual monochrome ensembles. In experimenting with color combinations in graphics and design, we certainly picked up a few tips along the way. Our favorite? Match before you clash, and always start with the piece that has the most colors!

Take the Selby Sea Turtle Silk Scarf in Pebble Gray for example. The scarf's soft gray and pale yellow effortlessly blend together to give a subtle hint of color. We styled this scarf with a pair of dark gray high-waist trousers from Bottega Veneta (a go-to pair in our closet when we try to look beyond the black pants).  Roll up the bottom cuffs for a more casual look!  To neatly tuck in a blouse, we also always opt for a bodysuit version like this one from Sisley.  Notice how the dark gray pants and bright yellow blouse are simply variations in shade of the same colors!

Terracotta Scarf Tutorial - Color Coordination

To style the head-scarf, start by folding a square silk scarf diagonally into a triangle. Place the hypotenuse edge of the scarf on top of your head, bringing the two flowing ends to the back towards the nape of your neck. Secure the ends with a simple double knot. To make sure the scarf stays in place, a few bobby pins along the hairline will certainly do the trick! 

Terracotta Scarf Tutorial - Color Coordination 2nd image

Remember, when summer days get hot and humid, a head scarf is a great way to showcase your accessory with the added benefit of controlling that persistent hair frizz. All the while, looking effortlessly stylish whether you're out to brunch, working in the garden, or BBQ-ing in the backyard! Definitely give this look a try if you haven't - all newcomers are welcome!

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