Take Flight - A Soaring Italian Cashmere Scarf Collection

After a summer full of highs, who says you have to come down from the sky?

Terracotta New York introduces Take Flight, the newest cashmere-blend scarf collection coming this fall. Filled with creatures that fly, this collection boasts flamingos, hummingbirds, owls and those pesky, but elegant insect, flies. This is Terracotta's first cashmere-blend collection, and it is packed with new prints, colors and eyelash fringe to finish the edge!

Introducing Terracotta's Take Flight Cashmere Scarf Collection for Fall Winter

Terracotta New York expanded their wings, well the scarves, and they are longer before. Each scarf measures at 140cm x 140cm square and gives you more space to twist, wrap and mold to your body. However, don’t fold your scarf too much or you’ll miss the tiny surprise. You must look really close and examine each creature because within each print you may find a cracked egg in the flamingo scarf and a flower in the hummingbird scarf.  If you blink, you’ll miss double the surprise in the owl scarf (hint: this object rotates around Earth).

Stay tuned to glide through summer with us as we usher in Take Flight, the fall/winter 2014 cashmere collection!

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