Welcome New TerraWriter!

When I was fifteen, I started to discover and define my personal style. I lay in bed and stared into my closet on the opposite side of the room. I would put pieces together in my head and choose an outfit for the next day at school. I was sixteen, though when my mere interest in fashion and style transformed into an intense passion.
I went to a Chanel trunk show at a mall with my mom.
It was the first time I saw fashion as an art form and there was no turning back. I immediately wanted to emulate everything that was Chanel. She was headstrong, passionate and independent. She was stubborn, talented and simple. But most importantly, she was different. She was a trendsetter, risk-taker and style-innovator. She said what she thought even when no one was listening, and at first, no one did. Then, the world’s attention was all hers and her brand still hasn’t let it go.
I make my debut as the writer for the Terrablog elated and inspired. Terracotta is a place for trendsetters, risk-takers and style-innovators. This would have been a place that listened to Chanel before anyone else realized she would change everything. We would have applauded the revolution while others gawked at the sudden change. Terracotta New York knows what good style is, which trends to follow and which to ignore.
My favorite pieces in the Terracotta collection are the Leighton Black Leather bowtie and the Bailey Purple & Green with Bicycles silk scarf. I love both of these because they portray a kind of feminine strength that when it’s paired with confidence and fearlessness, you can take on the world. That’s just what we plan to do. Chanel would be so proud.

Women's Androgynous Black Leather Bowtie by Terracotta New YorkSilk Scarfs - Green and Purple in vibrant Bailey Bicycle Pattern.


Both pieces play on trends, leather or bright colors, which can be worn in any season.  What’s your favorite Terracotta look?

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