Vanessa Balli Joins Terracotta!

We are pleased to have Vanessa Balli join us at Terracotta New York as our new model! Vanessa is a fashion blogger and model who has been featured in Lucky Magazine as a contributing writer. Make sure your check out her blog, Outfit of the Day!

I spoke with Vanessa to get an insight into her style and her life as a blogger and model.

How would you define your personal style?
My style is a little bit of everything, some days I'm California chic, others I'm bohemian, or rock glam. The way I dress depends on how I'm feeling at the moment.

Was there an event/moment that made you fall in love with fashion?
I remember playing dress up when I a little girl, something about putting on your mom’s shoes and lipstick made you feel like a movie star. I'd say I've always had a love of fashion ever since I was young, and growing up seeing it evolve through different eras was exciting. Watching Sex and the City also helped with my love of beautiful designers!

Do you have a favorite designer?
Victoria Beckham, The Row, Chanel

What do you like about Terracotta?
I love Terracotta's patterns, designs and materials. Their scarves, bow ties, and ties have such a beautiful balance of femininity and simplicity that exude confidence.

When did you start blogging and why?
I started my blog, Outfit of the Day, almost a year ago. My inspiration was to share my everyday looks with women in order to inspire them to put outfits together. I get asked all the time where I got something or what should I wear, so I figured I'd take my talent and share it with everyone I could!

Vanessa, and her blog, aligns with the Terracotta style perfectly. Vanessa’s style changes day to day, but her sense of strong feminine power, simplicity and effortlessness is one that we love and follow.

A person with true style is someone who knows which trends to follow, but more importantly, which to ignore. It’s hard to flip through all the major fashion magazines and filter through the numerous trends being thrown at you. Anyone can read a magazine and wear what they’re told to wear, but true style is deciding for yourself what you like, and what looks good on your body.
Vanessa is a great example of someone with great style, for this reason exactly. She always looks great because she wears things that look great for her and are not necessarily seen in Glamour or Allure. She ignores all the wrong trends and follows all the right ones. Thank you Vanessa Balli for being so fabulous!
Vanessa Balli wearing Terracotta's
Allison Conway

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