Behind the Terracotta Walls

Luxury Silk Scarves collection from Terracotta New York, a women's accessories company co-founded by two female entrepeneurs.

Many fashion houses have a long standing tradition for using simplicity as a main aesthetic to their designs. Dior, Chanel and Balenciaga, just to name a few, are some who have revolutionized women’s fashion with modern looks by maintaining basic elements in their designs. Terracotta New York entered this elite-club by creating luxurious scarves for the professional, working woman.

In today’s world, simple is hard to find. When celebrities wear extravagant styles, it’s difficult for others to attach to the trend. However, Terracotta achieved the perfect mix of flirtatious fun and sophistication.

Made in Como Italy, Terracotta scarves are manufactured with high quality and craftsmanship at an affordable price. Other designer scarves from Italy are priced extremely high making them only available to a small percentage of people. With all scarves priced under $300, Terracotta New York discovered a way to balance luxury and affordability.

A recurring trend we see each season are prints, prints, prints! Designers are experimenting with prints through vibrant colors, styles and garments to give consumers a unique product and Terracotta is no different. All prints are handmade and then transposed onto the scarf producing prints like fishbone, elephants, bicycles and dinosaurs. Chiffon scarves generally appeal to an older generation; however, these bold prints break the mold and reveal that chiffon attracts all ages. Also, Terracotta scarves add versatility to any outfit. They can be worn traditionally around the neck or casually as a belt. You’ll get so much use out of one scarf that you won’t be able to stop there. You’ll want other prints to mix-and-match with other outfits and accessories.

“Terracotta scarves bring fun, whimsical patterns to the older customers, and bring the beautiful silk chiffon material to younger customers,” says Alina Cheung, co-founder of Terracotta New York. It doesn’t matter what occasion they’re for, scarves by Terracotta New York are the best accessory!

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Chelsea Horhn

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