Mix and Match Fourth of July


Hi Terra Readers,

The Fourth of July is upon us and the perfect time to show off your BBQ fashion. This season is the best time for experimentation and stepping out of your comfort zone.

On this holiday there are tons of food and games, so you want to be comfortable in whatever you wear. Be festive by wearing red, white and blue; however you don’t have to be boring with what you choose to wear. Although it’s summertime, jeans are still a viable option for an expressive outfit. Also, basics are the easiest to path to go if you want something quick and simple. With basics you can layer, go wild with accessories or wear a “shock piece”! Shock pieces are unexpected and something no one would ever imagine you wearing.

Another trend any Fashionista can try is denim-on-denim, and it would look perfect for this holiday! As we celebrate America’s independence, we all experience many nostalgic moments even though we’re far removed from the Revolutionary War. Some people shy away from this trend because it can overwhelm the eye. An all denim outfit is rustic, vintage and riskier than the typical fireworks t-shirt.

To spice up any of these outfits, try wearing this "Delaney" Dinosaur Silk Scarf in Candy Apple from Terracotta as a headpiece. Although this is unusual head wear, it will make you stand out and be a conversation starter. The one thing I will stress is that fashion is fun and it’s not meant to be stressful, so step out and try something new. To standout, be simple with overstated accessories or a graphic tee. Speak true to Americana and try denim. Independence Day is all about friends, family and fun and it all starts with the fourth “F”: fashion.

Yours Truly,

Chelsea Horhn

Mix and Match summer scarves

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