Bow Tie Mania

Here at Terracotta, we're huge fans of the charming and sophisticated bow tie! It's one of the many accessories women are afraid of wearing, but over the years have learned to embrace. Usually worn with men's tuxedos, it's vastly becoming a top commodity in women's apparel. Although it's very masculine, bow ties also represent authority, positivity and flare that no other piece of clothing can bring to an outfit. Androgyny is continuously a hot topic in women's fashion, and blurring the lines is elevating fashion's most elite to the next level. Here are a few celebrities who have stepped out of the box and joined the bow tie frenzy.

The Kardashians: They grace our television screens every Sunday with outlandish comments and antics. The Kardashian girls are some of our favorite muses, so it's no surprise that they replicate each other. Bow ties are the perfect fashion find in this family for adding that little touch to complete their outfits. They're sisters, so of course they're share style secrets and experiment on their own. Even though they're a close-knit family, style varies from girlish, sexy vibe to embracing the masculinity of the bow tie.

Kardashians wearing bowties

Janelle Monae wearing her signature black bowtie with white shirtHollywood and Music: Actresses are constantly trying to stay atop fashion's pyramid with the latest trends, but many like to experiment and send the Fashion Police on a wild ride. Musicians are no different. They are trendsetters in sound and they also want to rule the fashion scene too. However, musicians always beat the fashion scene by strumming their own guitar and wearing what they feel. Some of the most influential musicians have attached to the bow tie trend, but everyone knows the bow tie aficionado is Janelle Monae (pictured right). Her signature look is classic black tie event- bow tie, white shirt and tuxedo pants. 

Diane Krueger's obsession with bowtiesbeyonce in menswear inspired assemblerihanna wearing suit and tie at award ceremony

                                (Pictured L-R: Diane Kruger, Beyonce Knowles and Rihanna)

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