Building Blocks of Menswear: Introduction

 Calvin Klein Fall RTW 2010, Menswear inspired fashion for women

Calvin Klein Fall RTW 2010

The time has come! Today is the day for The Building Blocks of Menswear! This week we're exploring different pieces of menswear that create an office-ready outfit. It's a new take on defining menswear since we're not identifying specific pieces for men that women can wear. Everything discussed this week involves a piece of women's clothing inspired by menswear pieces.

Think androgyny at its finest. Women are given the gift of feeling the same power as men and looking the part too. Not only can women transform their shape, they can change their style and gain more presence within the workforce. Men's clothing is constructed vastly different from women's clothing. For example, men's suit jackets have smoother shoulders and a boxy shape, while women's blazers have structures shoulders and a tailored waist.

Nevertheless, for years designers challenged the status quo and produced pieces with a mix of masculine and feminine characteristics. Each article will explore a historical context and the importance of that piece. Here at Terracotta, we love to investigate and learn new things about menswear, so we were glad to accpet this challenge!

Tune in later today for the first piece to be highlighted! 

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