Building Blocks of Menswear: Tuxedo Pant

The Power SuitWhy are we attracted to menswear? This question runs through my head constantly and I can never come to a complete answer. What separates a men's suit from a women's suit is nothing except for the person wearing it. Tailoring, design and structure are minor qualities that differentiate the gender-bending garment. 

Women's suits were ground breaking in the workplace because women were confined to a dress for many years. Suits offered women a freeing experience from the restrictive nature of a dress; however, suits carried an authoritative power. This is when menswear-inspired fashion became a staple in women's wardrobe. Designers linked to the trend were Donna Karan, Giorgio Armani and Calvin Klein stated by Voguepedia

Identified as the power suit by Voguepedia, it refers to a new working attire for women. As Vogue reported in 1983, the purpose of the suit was "to carry the wearer seamlessly from her executive position in the Financial District to her position behind a baby carriage in Central Park". 

One key piece to any suit are pants. Pants, which for a long time were only exclusive to men, are the completing factor to a woman's suit. As shown in this photo and similar to the male counterpart, the linen slacks extend from the waist to the ankles and have a casual ease throughout the leg. The hemmed cuff offers the only feminine touch. 

What the pants offer that we miss in today's world is modesty. Never showing a low-waist or too tight, they can't overshadow the rest of your outfit or bring unwanted attention. You can command anyone's attention and reduce issues caused by skirts and other tight clothing. DKNY Suit pants

A modern piece any woman can incorporate into her office wardrobe is the tuxedo pant. I know it sounds out of place to wear pants associated with formal men's attire to work. However if you want a fashionista edge in the office, this is the perfect pant to try. There are various versions of the tuxedo pant, but a pair of black pants are subtle to the eye and elevate any outfit. Plus, as identified earlier they are extremely transitional. You can wear them to work, then change accessories and you're ready for a girl's night.

This understated excellence in a simple pair of pants is something Terracotta believes in-bringing masculinity in a creative, liberating fashion. More than anything, women should be empowered by what they wear.

For more on the power suit follow the timeline outlined by Vogue

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