Building Blocks of Menswear: Bow Ties

Bow ties have always been flashy attire, but were rejuvenated when they were made with different prints and patterns. I couldn't wait to talk about this topic because we are crazy for accessories at Terracotta. Especially since it's all about neck-wear. We absolutely love wearing an off-beat piece of neck-wear that is professional and an unusual option for women. 

The bow tie dates back to the mid-17th century and were used as a closure for shirt collars. Men used to use scarves around their necks to keep them warm and keep they're shirts together. Then upper class Frenchmen loved the idea and started wearing bow ties for their own fashionable needs. The bow tie was reinvented in 1886 when Pierre Lorillard V used the black bow tie with his tuxedo. Since then, the bow tie hasn't been out of style. 

We thoroughly enjoy wearing bow ties in the office because they are always conversation starters. From funky patterns to smooth textures, bow ties can change the direction of any meeting. Plus they help lighten the serious mood around the office. The Harper, The Logan, The Leighton and The Sammie are only some styles Terracotta New York offers. We have a wide variety of bow ties for every style, so check out our collection now! 


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