Building Blocks of Menswear: Blazers

Blazers, blazers, blazers! They’re one of my favorite things to wear for professional or casual attire. Blazers are unique because they are structured, yet freeing; they transform from desk to date night. For being a classic piece in history, it has very simple, rational and humble beginnings.

It all started in the sea for the blazer. Men’s fashion bible, GQ, outlined an interesting and concise account of blazer history. Captains and the crew used to wear them as uniform for the ship. Decorative buttons fashioned the sleeves, while crests emblazoned the chest. A myriad of fashion consumers find it odd to see blazers in bright colors; however, many captains wore bright-colored blazers in case of a shipwreck. The bright colors would help them be easily recognized in the ocean.

Luckily, the combination of women and blazers didn' take long to come together. The bright colors and light fabric really attracted women to the jacket. The best part about them are the fit. Some blazers returned the feminine fit women were missing for years. Pieces with feminine and masculine qualities are a woman's dream for the best of both worlds.

     Building block of menswear: Blazers    
Some of you may be asking, what's the difference between a blazer and a suit jacket? Well, the only difference I found was that a suit jacket has matching pants. Nowadays blazers are more commonly found unless you go to a specific store that sells suit pieces together.

What an exciting week from the power suit to the blazer! We revealed lots of history and fun facts about menswear clothing. As much as women are fashion innovators, there are plenty of items of men's pieces that we had to steal for our wardrobe. Building the perfect office attire will continue to challenge women, so my challenge to all is step out of your comfort zone and try a menswear-inspired clothing. Get a reaction from people and start a conversation.

What was one message repeated throughout each article? Wear everything with confidence! Although others may not approve of your outfit, continue to strut around the office with your head held high. Men are extremely nonchalant regarding clothing and still find empowerment behind cargo pants and a polo shirt, so why can't we have the same in the office?

Hopefully seeing the history and transitions of androgynous fashion opened doors for you to experiment! Continue to follow Terracotta NY for more fashion-related articles and company updates.

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