Building Blocks of Menswear: Handbags

androgynous accessories: handbags' menswear inspiration and how it translates into modern accessories for womenMen and handbags were never two words that would be featured in the same sentence; however, many designers transitioned traditional men’s bags into women’s fashion.

In earlier centuries, handbags were often used by both men and women. Bibles, papers, holy relics, keys and other personal items were only some of the things stored in this functional accessory. Once men’s clothing added pockets, the handbag fell through for them as everyday use. That new addition never stopped women and they continued to carry handbags as it became a woman’s staple.

Over the years, handbags have evolved from the chatelaine to the reticule to more modern forms of bags. Purses, leather cases, wallets and travel bags/suitcases are only some variations of what handbags have become.

Nowadays the traditional purse has been put in the closet, while cross body bags, satchels, messenger bags, clutches and even stylish backpacks are becoming everyday accessories. Women are testing the boundaries and experimenting with different styles. Huge, clunky totes are no longer a necessity and stop women from carrying their life with them. So get rid of that extra baggage and go for something perfect for date night. Let’s be serious, all women really need is their favorite shade of Dior lipstick to have a good night out.

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