How Bloggers Wear Terracotta New York

A scarf is a chic way to incorporate in to your outfit for a polished finish. Taking cues from stellar style bloggers, we’ve rounded up three different ways you can wear Terracotta New York scarves.

fashion bloggers Vanessa Balli, Summer Albertsen and Ana Bastian wearing Terracotta New York Silk Scarves; How to wear silk scarves

Ana of AP Likes to Dress kicks her preppy style up a notch with our penguin silk scarf. She pairs the scarf with a structured dark blazer to play off the blue lining and pink collared shirt underneath. This is a classic look we can’t get enough of.

Summer of The Champagne Blonde incorporates sea and silk with our elephant silk scarf. For a more bohemian vibe, a scarf tied around your head is an easy and cool way to tame tousled tresses.

Vanessa Balli’s outfit of the day features not only some chic cool weather tights, but also our scarf tied around her handbag. “I don’t come across scarves that I fall in love with too often by these have the perfect balance of femininity and simplicity exuding confidence to whomever wear it,” she writes. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

How do you like to wear your Terracotta New York scarves? Leave a comment below!

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