Terracotta New York Women's Accessories - Unique yet Uniform, Ambitious yet Artful.Designed in New York, Made in Italy, Sold Directly to You. 

By taking control, Italian craftsmanship no longer breaks the bank

We break away from retail markups and fashion calendars to bring you affordable Italian luxury. We are passionate about our products and are inspired by you everyday. Selling direct to you finally allows us to release pieces as often as we design, and at prices that are fair and transparent. 
Affordable Italian Made Luxury Silk Scarves

 It still starts with a simple idea, a pencil and a sketchbook 

Each design will continue to be dreamed, hand-illustrated, and meticulously brought to life right here in New York City. We create patterns by combining sketches and experiment with endless color combinations until we find the right ones. Each resulting scarf is expressive & playful, quirky yet refined. 
Hand-drawn patterns, designed in New York

 Superior quality always defined us, and we are as uncompromising as ever to the last stitch      

Ethically-sourced materials and old-world craftsmanship have always been at the heart of our products. We have been collaborating with the same family-owned Italian factory since our very first collection to assert the most vibrant hues on the finest Italian silk. Each border is delicately hand-rolled as a final step. After all, it's all about the details, right down to the last elusive top-hatted elephant. 
Unique playful fun patterns on silk scarves