Terracotta New York Women's Accessories - Unique yet Uniform, Ambitious yet Artful.

In 209 BC, 8,000 clay warriors defending the First Qin Emperor were sealed beneath China's soil, as a once-powerful man sought lasting power for all eternity. Buried in an underground palace among rivers of mercury, these clay-fired, life-sized replica soldiers have come to be known as , "the Terracotta Warriors". The Army is Art. Each soldier was crafted by hand and colored with pigments from pink to blue to lilac. They vary in height and claimed individual facial features. And below each face sit carefully sculpted neck ties - the first of their kind.  The Terracotta Army is a harmonious whole, and yet no two are alike.

Over 2,000 years later, Terracotta New York was founded on principles reminiscent of this ancient wonder. Unique yet Uniform, Ambitious yet Artful. Created by two women who are no strangers to the corporate world and the ties that filled them, Terracotta New York seeks to encourage individuality and promote confidence by bringing the long-standing tradition of simplicity and pattern in menswear to luxury accessories for women. With a touch of feminine flare, women can have just as much fun with a bow tie and a penguin pattern!